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Go For The Best Peripheral Arterial Disease Treatment In Perth

Have you ever felt a sudden cramp calves, thighsor buttocks when you take a brisk evening walk with your pals? You may have noticed that the cramping discomfort usually ceases as soon as you stop walking. Then there might also be cases when the nagging pain, not so subtle anymore, lingers onto you for day in and day out.  If you’re currently going through this, then you might struggle with Peripheral Arterial Disease. Even though for some the symptoms may never show any signs of pain, prolonging this condition may cause dire health consequences in the long run.

Peripheral Arterial Disease Treatment

What exactly is this?

A blockage in the main stream arteries is  a buildup of a plague causing a lack of fresh blood and oxygen below the obstruction causing pain when walking and in a severe cases a limb loss.

How do we know what to look out for?

These are some of the signs you should be watching out for

  • Sudden cramping in the calf, hip or buttock when walking (after certain distance)
  • Persistent pain in the toes or foot
  • Persistent pain growing worse when lying down
  • Formation of ulcers in your foot (or black skin on the toes)

You need to know this-

  • 90% of the time this affects the legs & ever so rarely anywhere else in the body
  • Diabetes and/or cigarette smoking (even a history of smoking) is often linked to this disease
  • Constant neglect will result in gangrene or non-healing ulcers

What we do?

If you’re looking for peripheral arterial disease treatment in Perth, just know putting your faith on A-Vascular will never deem improper repercussions. Our treatment module comes in a two step process.

  • Get over with the preliminary diagnosis-

Prior to treatment the preliminary tests are evaluated. This is basically a confirmation diagnosis prescribed by a consultant where it starts with a

  • Blood test
  • Pressure test
  • U/S or CT scan will be followed
  • On intervention, our qualified base of vascular specialists in Perth will take on the job of performing an angiogram.

Once we follow-up the details with the concerned patient, a brief along with a further step indication letter will be filed to the family doctor on request.

At A-vascular we believe every patient is unique and therefore the treatment procedure adopted will or may vary from one patient to another. Now not every arterial blockage calls for an under the knife treatment but the threatening ones will usually be met with the classical surgical treatment, an open revascularisation or bypass.

That was the worst case scenario beside’s losing a leg. The more narrow or short blockages usually can be very successfully treated with  balloon angioplasty or endovascular treatment (key-hole surgery) requiring only few hours hospital stay and local anesthesia!

The procedures step by step are briefed in our treatments section. If you wish to know more, feel free to contact us anytime.