Every patient seeking help in our rooms will be thoroughly clinically assessed first and the individual issues will be discussed. After the first appointment a working diagnosis will be made and further tests will be ordered for you.

Vasculalr Surgery
Vascular Treatment Services


At this stage you will go through a routine blood tests, medical imaging and then you will be seen by us again where the evidence based treatment will be offered, tailored for you and discussed with you and your family members if you wish.


Most of the time the surgical treatment is “key-hole” type of surgery where procedures are performed via needle and a tube not larger then few millimetres. Most procedures are performed under local anaesthetic with a sedation. Therefore the hospital stay is literary only few hours long and return to work is very fast, not longer then few days in most cases. Procedures are performed in either a private hospital or a free standing vein/laser centre (all accredited and safe).



Most vascular procedures require some follow up due to possible mid and long-term recurrence. We will make sure the follow up is friendly enough for you and not causing to much of disruption in your life and work. Some procedures are performed and you will not have to see us at all. These individual plans will be discussed with you after surgery. You are welcome to call us any time if you have any issues or questions at any time after any procedure.