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Don was 78 years old when he underwent two procedures under the care of Dr Tosenovsky.

Around 30 years prior, Don had DVT and as a consequence developed a massive leg ulcer that covered almost half of his leg. A keen swimmer, Don’s life was affected in that his swimming was limited and he was unable to swim in the ocean at all for fear of infection of the wound. Modern wound technology and wound care was not enough to heal the ulcer.

After decades living with the problem Don was seen by Dr Tosenovsky who determined that Don’s venous system in the affected leg was blocked. A stent and angioplasty was carried out. After these procedures the wound began healing rapidly and within 8 months was 90% healed.

Don now understands there are clear options to improve the venous system and says it was “105% worth it to go through the investigation and procedure” that has improved his quality of life and boosted his confidence greatly – particularly in his choir singing!

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