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When Debbie first felt pain in her left groin she wrote it off as a minor injury she must have sustained. Within days she was limping and her leg was swollen. A doppler scan of her groin showed DVT and a resulting pelvic bleed.

Living in a remote location Debbie was flown to a major hospital where Dr Tosenovsky treated her. She was discovered to have DVT affecting her left iliac vein, common femoral vein and femoral vein in her thigh. She was also discovered to have a submassive pulmonary embolism. A mechanical thrombolysis was carried out together with stenting of her iliac vein. As the DVT was likely acute or chronic it was necessary to open her old thrombus in the common femoral vein. A Thrombectomy and Endo Thrombectomy of her left groin were carried out as well as arterial venous fistula.

Although the location of the DVT in her groin made the wound slower to heal Debbie was happy that the recovery was easy. “I was frightened for some time that I would relapse… that any slight pain would lead to a return of the (DVT), but I found the recovery fairly easy. It wasn’t hard to recover from.”

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